Jonestown Massacre

Trump spins "destructive" narratives to lost souls, says Rep. Jackie Speier.
Rep. Jackie Speier nearly died in a mass shooting at the time of the Jonestown massacre. She brought the dumdum bullet taken from her body to the House floor during the Democrats' sit-in.
They didn't "drink the Kool Aid." They came from all over the United States--black teachers from Los Angeles, white Pentecostals from Indianapolis, black Southern transplants at the tail end of the Great Migration, Vietnam vets and ex-hippies from San Francisco.
The big question always came back to the fact: did these people in Jonestown kill themselves and commit suicide or were they
Left for dead in the 1978 Jonestown massacre, the California congresswoman revisits the episode that sparked her career-long
My cousin died in November 1978 in the Jonestown Massacre, the largest mass murder/suicide in American history. Gene Chaikin was a lawyer for Jim Jones and Peoples Temple.
DOVER, Del. (AP) — Police say the cremated remains of nine victims of a 1978 mass cult suicide-murder in Jonestown, Guyana
I sat down with its author, Fred D'Aguiar to talk about Jonestown, kids, and how he wrote this wonderful book.
Tom Horn was executed on Nov. 20, 1903. Police mug shot of Timothy McVeigh. 3. Ted Kaczynski Charles Manson was leader of