Jonestown Massacre

Trump spins "destructive" narratives to lost souls, says Rep. Jackie Speier.
Rep. Jackie Speier nearly died in a mass shooting at the time of the Jonestown massacre. She brought the dumdum bullet taken from her body to the House floor during the Democrats' sit-in.
They didn't "drink the Kool Aid." They came from all over the United States--black teachers from Los Angeles, white Pentecostals from Indianapolis, black Southern transplants at the tail end of the Great Migration, Vietnam vets and ex-hippies from San Francisco.
My cousin died in November 1978 in the Jonestown Massacre, the largest mass murder/suicide in American history. Gene Chaikin was a lawyer for Jim Jones and Peoples Temple.
I sat down with its author, Fred D'Aguiar to talk about Jonestown, kids, and how he wrote this wonderful book.