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After Perfect, by Christina McDowell, came about after Christina wrote a furious blog addressed to the makers of The Wolf of Wall Street for the glamorous portrayal of master con man Jordan Belfort.
Jordan, given the fact that the movie had to be entertaining, how close did the movie The Wolf Of Wall Street come to the reality as presented in your book, and how well the Leo DiCaprio and the cast portrayed the players' lives?
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To the extent that the movie implies that this relatively small time hustler was Wall Street's biggest, worst, most notorious or even a representative wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese are howling up the wrong tree.
Hollywood elite donned their designer gowns and tuxes as they lauded themselves for exposing the grotesque and horrifying excess of Belfort's world. And then did what? Retreated back into their relatively modest and understated lives?
DiCaprio didn't try, but he did discuss "The Wolf of Wall Street," the pair's latest film. The epic of sex, drugs and amoral
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If the message of The Wolf of Wall Street is "drugs are bad," some people aren't getting the message.
We claim to revere the saintly sacrifice of Bonshe while we secretly (and not so secretly) envy the hedonistic narcissism of Belfort. We extol Bonshe, we ogle the lifestyle of Belfort as an exemplar of success. The truth is that neither model is good.
This year's award for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical should have been a matter of principle. The Wolf of Wall Street had no place taking home any Golden Globes.
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HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. Nothing screams money and power like 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' But how accurate is the film's portrayal? Investment bankers join us to discuss their reactions.
What's missing is the moral compass of the film. What exactly does Mr. Scorsese intend?
The Wolf of Wall Street did not create or endorse the corrupt culture and lifestyle it depicts, but simply pulls if from the shadows and puts it on display. If this inspires people to follow Belfort's example, the issue isn't the film.
The reaction to “The Wolf of Wall Street” has been fascinating. The primary point of contention seems to be that some people
As a longtime fan of the creative team involved, I'd been looking forward to the film; when the online debate began over the ethical rationale of telling the story of someone like Jordan Belfort, I was all the more intrigued.
Belfort's drugs of choice were cocaine and Quaaludes, though the character samples from a wide spectrum of narcotics. While
The trouble is that last week, my own calculus of rational self-interest took me out to the movies, not to Zuccotti Park. I was aroused, but for all the wrong reasons.
As the debate over whether Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" condones the excessive behavior it depicts rages onward
During the late 80s and 90s, Stratton Oakmont was the country's largest OTC brokerage firm until their excesses brought them