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"Not a cult at all," the "Daily Show" correspondent sarcastically declared at the bizarre event.
The "Daily Show" correspondent chatted with attendees at a protest against masks in North Carolina schools.
The "Daily Show" correspondent spars with people protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates in New York.
“You guys are horrible,” Mike Lindell said, then stormed off.
"The Daily Show" correspondent finds a less-than-professional operation behind the GOP-led election audit.
“There was a mix of the scary and the absurd ― MAGA in a nutshell,” said “The Daily Show” correspondent.
"You can tell these people really love America by the number of weapons they brought to hurt other Americans," the "Daily Show" correspondent said.
The "Daily Show" correspondent trolls the Million MAGA March.
The "Daily Show" correspondent puts Trump supporters on the spot.
The "Daily Show" correspondent visited a Trump rally days before the president was diagnosed with the coronavirus.