jordan klepper

Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani sat down with political comedian Jordan Klepper to discuss activism through comedy.
The former "Daily Show" correspondent revealed how his new Comedy Central show made him reckon with his white privilege.
In a promo for the comedian's new show, Trump's 2016 opponent seemed to relish one line in particular.
With Trump leading the way, conservatives have become more and more comfortable showing their own asses unprompted.
He's here to make a "strong case" for the president.
"While the NFL is raising awareness for breast cancer, the MAGAFL will be raising awareness of breasts."
The host of Comedy Central's "The Opposition" is clearly mad. He should get madder.
"The NRA knows you don't bring a gunfight to a culture war," the host of "The Opposition" said.
"Covering up real human emotion with talk of football — who is this guy, my dad?"