Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block are now making music together. They join HuffPostLive to give fans a preview of their new album and tour, plus take your questions. Record a video to join them on-air!
Jordan Knight and Nick Carter join HuffPost Live to discuss how they thrive.
Nick Carter joins Caitlyn to discuss Joey Fatone's recent comments, and shares his thoughts on a potential NSYNC reunion.
A few days ago, I asked readers to submit the most burning questions on which they wanted a male perspective. I didn't tell them that Jordan would be the male perspective.
I'm not certain if I was the first music writer to attempt to abbreviate New Kids On The Block to NKOTB. But I'm pretty damn sure I was the first to ever publicly dub the Kids' young female fan base as being "Blockheads."