Jordyn Wieber

We thought we were going into gymnastics with our eyes wide open. But we never saw Larry Nassar coming.
All three Olympic gymnasts say they were molested by the former USA Gymnastics team doctor.
The former USA Gymnastics doctor said it was too hard for him to listen to so many of his victims unload on him.
In the JORDYN clip above, which is premiering only on HuffPost Entertainment, Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber is seen in flight
Shawn Johnson's getting some gold medal help for the "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars" finale. This year's Olympic champions
Despite the rigorous training and pressure, there were other challenges on the line. Douglas, for example, said that she
This week on "Big Brother" (Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET and Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS), two houseguests will
Trading in their leotards for designer dresses and messy buns for flowing curls, the Fab 5 were looking more, well, fabulous
Here are some of the biggest busts from the London Games. Did we leave anyone out? Is there anyone who you think doesn't
Here are the highlights, lowlights, and total shocks for the U.S. gymnastics teams at the 2012 Olympics.
Everyone needs a posse. We need them now more than ever, as we are navigating both the best time to be a woman, in terms of opportunities, and one of the worst time, as violence against women escalates in nearly every country.
Here are five ways the 'Fab Five' can make your team more successful at the front of the room. (Minus the sparkly red leotards, of course!)
All of the U.S. gymnasts except John Orozco and Kyla Ross will compete in at least one event final. While some are easily expected to win, other members of the U.S. squad could fight their way onto the podium.
Missed last week's Twitter roundup? You can find it here. Since the opening ceremony on Friday, the Olympics have elicited
We're not the only ones obsessed with the older Wieber. Twitter users haven't been shy about expressing their crush! Move
Forgive my heretical thoughts even while I oooo and ahhhh over all the results of the hard-work, determination and dedication: Maybe the Olympic Games don't only emblemize the sea-to-shining-sea America of our dreams. Maybe they reveal our dark side as well.
Here's just a sample of what you can expect from "That's What Makes You Flexible": "That's What Makes You Flexible" is yet
Natalie Hawkins, Gabby Douglas’s mom, said that the victory makes her think about struggles her daughter and the other girls
Nearly all of the gymnasts will compete in either the all-around competition or the event finals. These contests will give the men a chance for redemption and the women the opportunity to cement their dominance as gymnastics powerhouses.
"I like to hang out with my friends, especially my friends from school, because I don't get to see them as often. We like