Jorge Garcia

Watch the rapper explain the importance of black and brown solidarity.
The wife of a man kicked out of America after thirty years says she’s going to fight to bring him home and reform U.S. immigration policy.
Jorge Garcia was forced to return to Mexico this week after living in the U.S. for 30 years.
To that end, we indulged in some serious "Lost" fanaticism Monday during a special episode of HuffPost Live's Spoiler Alert
"Hawaii Five-0" sure loves its "Lost" alums! The latest to join Daniel Dae Kim on the CBS drama? Jorge Garcia, who EW can
Funny Or Die is beating Aaron Sorkin and Ashton Kutcher to the punch with their own Steve Jobs biopic, according to The New
This week's "Once Upon a Time" tackled the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk in a typically unique fashion -- not only painting Jack as the villain of the piece, but also making the character a woman.
As you mentioned, he's been focused on the idea of returning to Fairytale Land ever since Mary Margaret got back, whereas
After the last episode's hit-and-miss introduction to Frankenstein, this week's episode felt like a breath of fresh, top-of-the-beanstalk air. We finally found out who Michael Raymond-James is playing, and who sent him the postcard in the season premiere ...
How did Adam and Eddy approach you about this role? Have they been looking to get you on the show for a while? Yeah, we’ve
Fee-fi-fo-fum. On Nov. 4, ABC's Once Upon a Time gets another visit from a Lost alum, and this one's a biggie. Or, more specifically
"This issue takes rebirth as its theme and is filled with both images and ideas about birth, pregnancy, and family," Roitfeld
“I was very impressed with the way people were responding to the digital aspect,” he said. “I’ve been working with digital
In an interview with Vulture promoting his new ABC series "666 Park Avenue," O'Quinn said people often ask him about the
Virginia Welch is replacing Holly DeVeaux in the Casey Anthony Lifetime movie.A week into the filming of Imperfect Justice
Will you miss "Alcatraz" and "The Finder"? Tuning in for more "Touch"? Let us know in the comments below! Fox also recently
As for Rebecca, she managed to track down Tommy Madsen, who was revealed as the handler for many of the previously seen convicts
Could that be the compulsion that had these inmates deviating from their patterns of violence ever so slowly, gathering keys
And viewers of the show who head to the real-life Alcatraz should leave those mysteries to the experts, like Emerson. According