jorge luis borges

What distinguishes this from category 2 conceptual art, the kind I don't like? The very qualities I ascribed to category one - the passion, the rigor, the discipline.
I have selected 75 phrases that have had a profound impact in my life throughout the years. It is my sincere hope that they will deeply inspire you to reach a higher level of awareness and lasting fulfillment in your life in all the realms.
The problem with remembering is that human memory is ineluctably accompanied by human feeling. Forgetting is not an attractive
One of the most unique literary figures of the twentieth century, Jorge Luis Borges was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on
As Park relates, Leopardi was the son of "a minor aristocrat" who compensated for his reverse midas touch by collecting Talk
has reached tsunami levels. It's as if we are drowning in information, with only soothsayers aka search engines like Google
Latinos and writing are a couple made in heaven. Our passion and heritage provide for fantastic literary universes once and
What (and how much) gets lost in translation? How does the translator operate the difficult task of rendering an author's words and stylistic choices into often completely different languages?
In honor of National Poetry Month, we want to remember some of our favorite poets -- pioneers who experimented with their
Reading The Aleph is a bit like diving into Paulo Coelho's eyes and getting to know him better.
Upon his recent death, I realized I had matriculated in the Barney Rosset School of Literature. Publishers played a unique role for the '60s. They set the curriculum for a generation of curious and avaricious readers such as myself.
In the 1975, he published "The Book of Sand," about an endless tome, whose pages can be looked upon only once. "Borges was
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It is the other Geiger that we see on stage, the one we hear on record via Graveface. He is the emissary, the diplomat. He
People say that the lines in your face are representative of the life you’ve led – as in, love your laugh lines because clearly
In the wake of Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa's Nobel Prize in literature, "Real Time"'s Bill Maher has a new rule: The
Case in point: Leo Tolstoy lost to Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen in 1902. One of these men wrote works of enduring greatness