Jose Baez

A former private investigator alleges Jose Baez had an inappropriate relationship with Caylee Anthony's mother.
"My last name is Clothier," he said. "I used to work in retail and I'm now a lawyer. The sheriff wants to talk about shirts
Baez declined to speculate on what the outcome of the Arias case would be. When sent a photo of "Positive Bunny," Baez texted
There is no mistaking that Jodi Arias’ defense team faces an uphill battle as it fights to save her life in her murder trial
Enough time has passed since Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee that audiences can now expect to be offered books, movies, TV shows, etc. of the story behind the story. One of the first out of the gate is Lifetime's original movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony.
As the Associated Press reported, it was 44 days before Zimmerman was charged in the shooting. He has pled not guilty, claiming
In his book, Baez again alleged Casey Anthony was regularly abused until she was 12. Baez speculates the abuse tapered off
Vergara, who was shot in the leg and shoulder, fired 11 shots, managing to hit the gunman, who fled the scene. And although
The short stars comedian Jeremy Kramer and funny man Brian Scott McFadden. I can't help but wonder what would happen if Jose
This time -- in a brief clip lasting just a few seconds -- a woman claiming to be Anthony shows off her newly pierced nostril