jose canseco

The former baseball MVP is pitching a trip to what he claims are the sites of "authentic alien sightings and proven Bigfoot habitats."
Speaking from experience, Jose Canseco says this combination is a recipe for disaster.
"She was dead. Her brain was dead. I cried my eyes out."
Former major-league slugger Jose Canseco announced this week that he plans to “live as a woman” for a seven-day period in
Although one could argue that Nintendo's games provided a portal to those same adult-oriented fantasies (by learning how to hunt ducks, or how to master kung-fu), the delivery method of this wish fulfillment was foreign to parents.
This is the 45 caliber Remington that shot my finger off. It is for sale if anyone wants to buy it
KLAS-TV said Canseco, 50, was cleaning a gun when he accidentally shot himself in the left hand. She told the Times that
But, after those early hiccups were surmounted, Canseco found some time to take in everything our wonderful neighbor to the
He tainted the game, and badly, and his presence anywhere near the Giants continues to taint the organization as well.