jose canseco twitter — Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) June 16, 2014 [h/t Extra Mustard] Naturally, Canseco has been live
Captain America may never have been allowed to join The Avengers had it been left up to members of the Baseball Writers' Association
Jose Canseco's goats apparently got the former MLB slugger in trouble with his neighbors in Las Vegas, Nev. For those not
"And you've got to win. You've got to win big," Patterson said of the task facing Brown's successor. "We'll find the best
The adventures of Jose Canseco now features goats. The former MLB slugger told his thousands of Twitter followers on Wednesday
The 1988 AL MVP is a member of the 40/40 Club and the perhaps the sport's preeminent confessors of steroid use. In hopes
Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco claimed that the Las Vegas Police had visited him at his home and informed him that he was charged with rape. Canseco named the alleged victim in his initial tweets but then deleted those messages.
Jose Canseco's bizarre Twitter timeline took an unexpectedly dark turn on Wednesday. In a series of tweets, the former MLB
Canseco has been called the "World's Best Twitter User" and boasts nearly half a million followers on the social network
With the College of Cardinals set to meet in order to select the next Pope, Canseco shared a few thoughts on the election
Jose Canseco knows about honor in baseball. The disgraced MLB star (turned must-follow Twitter personality) knows about it
Thank you Jose. Your inspirational cry for attention makes me want to run for office, too. Let's hope your 15 minutes of
His concern for polar bears and mother earth is actually quite noble. After experiencing 85 degree days last week in Ohio
Although the U.S. Open roared toward its conclusion and the NFL season kicked off last week, the thoughts and tweets of many
Former baseball slugger Jose Canseco isn't afraid to speak his mind...and he'll be the first person to tell you that. Love
"I need an attorney pro bono my lanlord evicted me and would not let me take my chandeleers with me, need your help to get
Jose Canseco has a track record of saying some peculiar things on Twitter. In the past few months, the former steroids-using
Is this girlfriend, one might wonder, the same woman who helped him out of the ring after he suffered an embarrassing mixed