Jose Mujica

4) Work with your quirks, says Arruda. Brian Pawlowski, of Pure Storage, is known in the Silicon Valley by his nickname Beepy
If the president is serious about wanting to close the prison, and I hope he is, here are some helpful suggestions.
Despite heavy opposition from the public and the country's medical profession, Uruguay made headlines last year when the country passed a law allowing the sales of state-grown marijuana in pharmacies to registered users.
Mujica projected, from his presidential perch, the wildly innocent virtue of Uruguay itself -- and magnified it. If Uruguay as a country is part exile, part refuge, Mujica made the country more the latter. One thing is certain, the world will remember Mujica -- the president, the person.
“Friends, it’s a pleasure to greet you through this new space, which I’ll all be using from now on to communicate with you
While Mujica's decision to pick up the hitchhiker was a kind one, the leader is widely known for his acts of compassion. During
When diminutive Uruguay opened its territorial arms to six detainees previously held by the United States in Guantanamo, Cuba, it could hardly have expected the geopolitical impact of its good-will gesture.
Mujica's international presence was solidified in 2013, as he became famous for legalizing the marijuana trade, a pioneering
Mujica said he did not have a coin after the man asked for one, so the president gave him a bill instead. Mujica is known
“I don’t have the hands of a president,” Mujica told CNN. “They’re kind of mangled.” Mujica has become well known for rejecting