Joseph Beuys

For Guild Hall curator Christina Strassfield, a show on minimalism was a no brainer. Currently on view in two large galleries, stark works in sand colors, geometrics, in brown felt material, in bright neon, the exhibition displays art from the collection of Bridgehampton resident Leonard Ruggio, whose passion is minimalism, a midcentury movement that challenges our notions of the types of materials can be used in art, and in fact our traditional notions of beauty.
Seattle-based singer songwriter David Nyro shares his first single “What Happened To Us All,” one of several he’ll be debuting
Doris Salcedo knows well art's inability to effect social change. Her sculptures and installations, as powerful as they are, will not change the course of history in her native Colombia, end wars, or stop the drain of everyday violence.
"Brick and clay have the potential to be... well, they only have the limitations of the maker."
When we think of Poland, our associations are not altogether positive. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow has been attempting to provide the world with some newer, alternative images -- the work of active and internationally-attuned Polish artists.
Joseph Beuys spent his entire life dying, his widow once said. In January 1986, his heart did in fact stop beating. Urns
Georg Herold is the master of the material in the realm of the conceptual. As it all began with a stick, it has never lost its original conception.
The comparison between Cage and Rauschenberg illuminates a question central to the exposition: can silence be translated
Rodney Graham, Welsh Oaks #2, 1998. (Photo courtesy of Donald Young Gallery, Chicago.) From the Biblical paradise of the
HP: How long did it take you to decide to never spend a night apart? We as artists have the possibility to think and live
In 2007, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Netherlands came into possession of the prototype of a quite spectacular
2010-11-19-anselm.jpgAnselm Kiefer's new exhibition at Gagosian Gallery is a monochromatic forest with walls of flaking, mud-encrusted canvases that transports us into a world at times foreboding, at others, shamanic and mystical.
Segments in the video correspond to wall pieces, sculpture and other props in the Chelsea show. Jackson's disappearance, for
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Victoria Bartlett's designs have a quiet subtlety and like the clothes themselves, an asymmetric view of the world that challenges conventional standards of what is sexy especially in regard to undergarments.
No question mark follows, turning the title into a rhetorical shrug - one that masks, or perhaps underscores, an urgent search for a sense to the world and the cosmos.
"Through the Grapevine: Streams of Transit in Southern California's Great Pass" explores the stretch of land, from the far edge of Los Angeles to the Central Valley, that serves as an artery for the transit of goods and people,
I was walking north of 21st Street on Tenth Avenue when I noticed something odd: A pair of stones, each about three feet high and set into the concrete.