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"I beat every Republican in every poll when they thought I was running."
Libya was supposed to be a different kind of intervention, with a much lighter footprint, more enthusiastic international support, and a realistic hope for a secular democratic regime in the wake of the conflict. The results have been different from what happened in Iraq, but they have not necessarily been any better.
If you were a Republican operative charged with devising ways to weaken Hillary Clinton and the Democrats' chances of winning in November of 2016, the first thing you might think of is a forming a congressional committee to turn a tragic event into a scandal that could be linked to Ms. Clinton.
Is this what it's like to have an executive decision maker from the private sector run for political office? Into this Republican chaos enters Donald Trump, system disruptor extraordinaire who will accelerate the demise of Republican politics as we know them and help stabilize a new system.
Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA, envisioned a Great American Community at his inaugural ceremony. With the flags of 50 states behind him, Murthy began the ceremony in a white shirt and tie, but concluded wearing the decorated coat of a Vice Admiral.
In recent weeks, there has been substantial media attention paid to the Democrats' weak bench, meaning that other than Hillary
Joe Biden turns 72 today. Happy birthday, Mr. Vice President! To celebrate his Nov. 20 birth, we've put together some of
Birthday mashup for Vice President Joe Biden.
Hillary Clinton deserves credit for her good work at the State Department, but that tenure will very possibly be seen differently by 2016, and not because of Benghazi. The direction of foreign policy during the Obama administration will not fade away.
It would be a mistake to view President Obama's visit to Israel as just a fence-mending exercise. It is in fact part of a planned redesign of U.S. foreign policy that will change the face of American leadership around the world.