Joseph Fiennes

Actor Joseph Fiennes had some revelations on equality and women’s issues while filming scenes as Commander Waterford on “The Handmaid’s Tale.”
Joseph Fiennes' casting as the king of pop caused a stir this week.
Sky Arts cancelled the "Urban Myths" episode after Jackson's family expressed outrage.
"I'm so incredibly offended by it, as I'm sure plenty of people are as well."
The trailer features controversial casting in "Urban Myths."
What does it mean to be a hero? What can we learn from our heroes? How shall we treat them? Two current films, "Race" and
Faith-based movies have to walk a cinematic tightrope. They can not be too preachy. They can not be amateurish in the acting. They can not stray from their basic message. They must be just as entertaining as the non-faith-based movies with which they compete.
Yet a white actor is set to star as the King of Pop in an upcoming film.