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Witch hunts in the 17th century were real because people believed witches were real. But usage of the term “witch hunt” has evolved into something else entirely.
"We have the unprecedented situation of one of the major political parties ... backing the president in showing and believing that he is above the law.”
"Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy," the ex-FBI director said.
This post first appeared at on October 18, 2017. Back in the 1930s a scholarly intramural feud to choose the
I wish the late Abbie Hoffman was around to answer that question; after all, it was the same Yiddish epithet he hurled at
President Donald Trump might face censure… but what does that mean?
Amidst tumult emanating from the White House, one thing’s clear throughout the political spectrum. Our selected president
Review of Ike and McCarthy: Dwight Eisenhower’s Secret Campaign against Joseph McCarthy. By David A. Nichols. Simon & Schuster
But as unsettling as the above may be, the real loser by 2020 (more likely well before), will be Trump himself. I'm not worried
Now I am not proposing that everyone say every single thing that flashes into their brain before they have to
Donald Trump has always been a parody. His constituents, with fulsome media connivance, led him speech by speech, rally by
I will try and give you an impression of this great man. The eyes have a look as though they see clearly the simplicity of