Joseph Stalin

Meat/vegan division apparently becoming a gender thing among those attending conservative confab.
Trump's attacks on the media are "over the top" and "not helpful to our country," says the longtime Republican strategist.
Nina Khrushcheva slams Trump over attacks on the media.
I remember traveling the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after the fall of Communism. I found it interesting to see
For a president already inclined to conspiracy theories, relying on raw intelligence risks feeding Stalin-style paranoia.
They realized that the “trickle-down economics” theory didn’t work.
"It will almost certainly cause long-term harm," Alan Finkel said.
Luck, accidents and misjudgments, though often inglorious, have often proved important in wars and politics.
Why had privileged young men agreed to work for a country they hardly knew and a system which even then was known to be totalitarian? So began a fascination with The Cambridge Spies which has lasted to this day.
Being a fanatic means that you are a fan to the point that you are obsessed with the person you are a fan of and you might even try to hurt someone who is not a fan or is a fan of a rival.
This is 13-year-old Misha Shamonin, one of the innocent victims of the Great Purge who were shot in the Butovo firing range near Moscow.
Once Bernie wins the Democratic nomination -- the presidency is obviously and undoubtedly his on a platter.
Putinism --the set of ideals pursued by Putin -- does not hold much promise. He is on a collision course with a large chunk of Europe and the Middle East. The annexation of Crimea and the Ukrainian crisis reflects the distorted worldview of the neo-czar.
During mad dashes toward the future, inevitably, pockets of a nearly forgotten past emerge to make themselves known, lest they completely fade into obscurity.
Any rational person would have to agree that the world stands a better chance of effectively fighting IS together, than separately.