josh brown

The NFL has been vigilant in suspending players for P.E.D. violations and other forms of self-destructive behavior such as substance abuse, but it has been sparse in enforcing penalties for destructive behavior toward others.
The placekicker admitted in 2015 to physically and emotionally abusing his then wife.
In the first instance, it is time to act in a way that treats victims and survivors of domestic violence as worthy of something more than a minimal slap on the wrist handed out to their abuser. Are you in need of solutions? Because we've got some...
"I have abused my wife,” the kicker wrote in a journal entry.
As they say The Song Remains the Same, and in this case, it's true even 15 years between albums for Full Devil Jacket. Valley of Bones, the long-delayed, very-much-appreciated follow-up to the band's 2000 acclaimed debut album, picks up where the first one left off.