Josh Duhamel

The actors, dating for just a few months, were said to be "very busy" with their work.
WildAid, the San Francisco-based wildlife conservancy organization that has helped roll back hunting and trade on endangered species in the last decade, held a celebrity fundraising gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, and raised $2.5 million dollars in a single evening.
But hey, CBS, you can totally tell it's shot in Los Angeles. The tipoff: It's way too sunny all the time, and over the course
For more with Fergie pick up the February issue of Allure, on newsstands Jan. 27. “We just grew. And we grew into realizing
While at the food bank, I talked with other volunteers as well as those there to collect food -- an experience that opened my eyes to the faces of hunger in our country. The people in line who needed food were often indistinguishable from the volunteers.
Duhamel and wife Fergie welcomed Axl Jack Duhamel to the world this past August, and the actor has expressed plans to invest
The Normal Heart may have educated us on how events unfolded when the virus first became known but, as one of the world's leading nonprofit organizations, amfAR celebrates its success in funding more than 3,300 grants to researchers around the world working to find a cure.
Duhamel and Fergie welcomed their first child, son Axl, in August 2013 and have been pretty open with sharing photos on social