Josh Hawley

Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton's hostility toward Biden nominee Adeel Mangi was "Islamophobic and un-American," said the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
The Republican senator said the Israel-Hamas war is a “crucial test case” of the platform’s ability “to distort the world-picture” for young Americans.
The MSNBC anchor couldn’t believe an Instagram post from the GOP senator after clashing with the Department of Homeland Security secretary.
"Perhaps he does not know that I am the child of a Holocaust survivor," Alejandro Mayorkas said.
"It’s like, really? You sell yourself so cheap?”
Critics pointed to the Missouri senator's law background in disgust.
"It’s so easy to be normal and nice," the newspaper's editorial board wrote. "Hawley picked a different path."
The Missouri senator gets called out on Twitter over a quote he falsely attributed to Patrick Henry.
Critics give the Missouri senator a blunt fact-check on Twitter.
Hawley joined the conservative outcry with wild accusations against President Joe Biden, but a House member delivered a precise clapback.