josh mandel

Declining to debate, especially when it's an incumbent who is declining, continues the erosion of trust between the people being served and the person in the elected office. It is a sign of disregard for democracy, and the voters who pay their salaries and finance their campaigns.
The justices will decide in McCutcheon whether the aggregate federal campaign contribution limits -- $123,200 for a single
Ohio state Treasurer Josh Mandel (R) may have violated federal campaign finance law for using a car owned by his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign during his state campaign and for not paying the car's rental fees on time.
Mandel does not use a state car, a spokeswoman told the AP. The car issues come as Mandel heads into a tough reelection campaign
FitzGerald used a three-minute YouTube video to announce the creation of an exploratory committee for his gubernatorial campaign
"Most significant for jobs, we were leaders in investments in alternatives sources of energy and went to bat for the automobile
"Every year, more members of my generation are stepping up to take leadership roles in everything from business to science
Mandel placed the two campaign aides in the treasurer's office less than two weeks after he was defeated by U.S. Sen. Sherrod
"We are proud of our record this election cycle and look forward to seeing a larger pro-growth caucus in Congress next year
King's victory led Jeremy Symons, a senior adviser at the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund to say "climate is a winner