josh mandel

He was "hedging his bets," said John Bachman after Trump touted candidate [Josh] Mandel instead of Vance at a political rally.
The race is as much about J.D. Vance or whoever wins as it is about Donald Trump.
The right-wing Senate candidate from Ohio said that Martin Luther King Jr. marched on the Edmund Pettus Bridge "so skin color wouldn't matter."
The campaigns of Josh Mandel, who's being usurped as the front-runner, and investment banker Mike Gibbons each said the other candidate uttered the word.
If you thought we'd left political dick jokes in 2016, Jane Timken's ad is here to change that.
The Republican candidate is casting himself in the mold of Donald Trump. That means no position is too extreme, no tweet is too ridiculous to try to win over the MAGA base.
Ohio Republican Josh Mandel's cornfield rant about tyranny and the Gestapo was condemned as "beyond the pale" by Jewish advocacy groups.
Declining to debate, especially when it's an incumbent who is declining, continues the erosion of trust between the people being served and the person in the elected office. It is a sign of disregard for democracy, and the voters who pay their salaries and finance their campaigns.
Ohio state Treasurer Josh Mandel (R) may have violated federal campaign finance law for using a car owned by his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign during his state campaign and for not paying the car's rental fees on time.