josh ostrovsky

In an effort to rebuild his career after recent crushing blows, The Fat Jew, AKA Josh Ostrovsky, will join the latest cast of Dancing With The Stars.
Vulture sat down with the embattled Instagram star, and here's what he had to say in his defense.
I'm not arguing that what the Fat Jew has been accused of doing isn't wrong. Plagiarism is never okay. However, to those who say he is a talentless hack, you're only half right. So if you're looking to go after someone who is solely profiting off the ideas of others, take your pitchforks elsewhere.
The mention was most likely under a typical meme on the now popular Instagram account "The Fat Jewish." Most of these memes
We caught up with The Fat Jew after his monologue and asked for his take on men's fashion, his favorite Kardashian and how