Josh Ritter

The singer-songwriter opens up about his upcoming album, "Gathering."
"It's such a noisy time in history, people want something quieter," says Daniel Goans, one half of the duo that makes up
John Krasinski talks directing and why Josh Ritter's song is in his latest film
More big-name musicians must step forward and say: "There's always more money, but I only have one name. And I won't have people shouting my name in states where there are citizens who have no rights."
"I'm proud of my hometown (which is Moscow, Idaho, represented in the video also - photographed by Josh's mother). "I really
Not too many men can rock a pair of retro gas station coveralls. Then again, singer/songwriter Josh Ritter is about as far from your average guy as you can get.
If you've seen Ritter play live, you know how infectious he is on the concert stage. If you have not, do yourself a favor and go. His joyous smile and his humor will give you a peek into his open, exuberant heart.
"Sermon on the Rocks" is just out, but I've had it for a few months, and every time I listen to it -- and I listen to it often -- I feel glad to be breathing the same oxygen as the musician who made it. And this is odd. "Sermon" should take me months to accept and adore. Why doesn't it?
The beauty of Blake Mills is that his primary concern is making music that's absolutely authentic to the moment of creation. And then, because he's a genius at the editing console, authentic to the possibilities of production.
Messiah students are now striking back at Ritter saying their school is actually an accepting place. Ritter -- who performed
Bassinger added, "We’re very committed to that and very intentional on how we apply that — consistently, as with all our
Recently I attended a book reading and signing by singer/songwriter Josh Ritter on his debut novel, Bright's Passage. The book is a delightful tome.
My grandmother, as ignorant a woman as ever, fled the Czar, believed that "Mr. Ed" really was a talking horse -- here you
Summer is a strange time in the publishing world — most houses are waiting to publish their marquee books in the fall, heading
You can listen to Josh Ritter's music and think it's bouncy and fun. Or you can dig in. That is, you can spend time with a Josh Ritter CD as you might with a book that happens to be set to music.
As a showman, Peter Wolf is right up there with Mick Jagger and James Brown. He doesn't put out a batch of unrelated songs, he makes what used to be called "albums," and they take you on a carefully sequenced adventure.
My husband left the Josh Ritter show early, but I stayed until the end -- not only because I was actually enjoying the concert, but because, for two hours, I had my son back.
Josh Ritter is so incredibly nice that my wife and I couldn't avoid putting his bride under the microscope -- as if, from this distance, we could actually figure out if she's worthy of him.