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“It’s a patently false, made up story," said White House press secretary Sean Spicer.
According to multiple voices in the DC press, the idea of the U.S. bombing Syrian government forces is "back on the table" this week. You can urge your Senators and Representative to insist that Congress debate and vote to approve or reject an authorization for the use of military force before any U.S. military action against the Syrian government.
That reporting led to Harris' 2010 book, The Watchers: The Rise of America's Surveillance State. Shachtman said Harris’ forthcoming
Lake and Rogin routinely shared bylines on national security and foreign policy stories, so the dual departure leaves an
In his letter to Kerry, Nye said that Commission members and guests were aware "that nothing said in the room may be used
Although Nainan did not tweet immediately following the alleged incident, he encouraged his followers earlier in the day
Rapper Lupe Fiasco was thrown off the stage at an inaugural concert after announcing that he didn't vote for President Obama and for also performing an anti-war song.
Kelli Jo, a new media training manager at the New Organizing Institute, posted a picture of the show's abrupt ending: "This
My colleague Josh Rogin has a more complete and straightforward writeup of this report, an independent look at the State