Joshua Green

The longer he continues to dominate the polls, the larger that number will grow. As Joshua Green put it, "The GOP is about the become the party of Trump." But will Trump's bile be so toxic that it stains the party's nominee no matter what?
We're seeing a full-scale revolt by journalists against senatorial candidate Cory Gardner's obnoxious denial of the simple fact that the Life at Conception Act, which he co-sponsored  last summer, is federal personhood legislation.
I'm not advocating for every email from the CEO to drop the f-bomb. But I do think it would great if more leaders and communicators started talking and writing to people around the office with a little more heart.
Few are even aware of his real name, but the subversive artwork of the artist-blogger known as William Banzai7 isn’t afraid
Joshua Green's article in the Atlantic, "The Tragedy of Sarah Palin," asks the question, "What went wrong?" But this is a false question. "What went wrong" was Palin being who she is -- consistently and predictably opportunistic.
Obey didn't just link the two issues rhetorically; he linked them with the threat of effective action. And we can cut the