According to experts, setting aside a few minutes a day to reflect is a small change that can make a huge difference.
"When I began to read them, I found that she was not stoic. She had plenty of painful thoughts that she’d never said out loud."
These planners, journals and desk calendars will keep you organized and help you achieve your goals.
Whether you're going back to school or just looking to get organized, writers share their favorite books for to-do lists, journaling and getting ideas out.
Because you deserve to love yourself as well as you love everyone else.
Journaling is a powerful tool for reflection and growth. Learn more about its many benefits in this mindful moment.
It's amazing what you can discover with a little time to yourself.
Psychological research tells us that introspection is often a highly inaccurate source of self-knowledge. An over-reliance on introspection trips one up -- decreasing performance, reducing decision quality and even undermining self-insight.