At least 10 doctors and six journalists have been arrested since the virus first hit Egypt in February, according to rights groups.
The film chronicles Filipino journalist Maria Ressa's fight to hold those in power accountable.
The organization said Wednesday's filing is the first of many to come around the country, as the press seeks to cover continued protests against police brutality.
WGN's Gaynor Hall wrote to the 20-year-old: "You grabbed me. You scared me. Was it worth it?”
Reporters covering the coronavirus pandemic remotely have found themselves in some pretty hilarious news bloopers in the process.
"Fake news is not essential," tweets Trump about an event captured on video.
“I felt like I didn't have a military voice, but now I know I do.”
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The Liberty University president said warrants were issued for New York Times and ProPublica journalists reporting on his failure to close the school for the coronavirus.
ABC News' Jonathan Karl demanded the Florida Republican apologize for the unfounded assertion that outraged many in the media.
The 54-year-old cancer survivor, who for decades helped the network deliver breaking news, had been on medical leave for an unrelated issue since February.