Stapleton: I wish I had more geek for this answer. Or at least a reason. I have no artistic or design background. My parents
In a Tumblr world, personal zines are still thriving.
I painstakingly wrote out the lyrics to a Richard Marx song -- what is more dramatic than that? NOTHING.
Benjamin Moe, 21-year-old co-founder and editor-in-chief of Table Talk, sneaks about the dimly lit corridors of a coal factory in rural Jaipur, tacking CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to the factory's rusty insides.
1. Spiral-bound notebooks 2. Legal pads 6. Fancy "book"-bound notebooks Flickr photo by Pen Waggener Pocket-sized notebooks
The very act of writing has been scientifically shown to be a beneficial creative process. By putting pen to paper, you are using the left side of your brain, which is critical and rational. This gives the right side of your brain a chance to access your feelings and intuition without any mental blocks.
The Boyfriend Log, a new app from Dream It Green, LLC., allows users to track how they feel in their relationship on a day
I'm no longer living with booze-filled blinders on. My life may still not be what I've longed for (although it is getting close), but at least it's no longer a lie.
After years of being held at the mercy of commercial publishing interests, scientists are beginning to wake up and take steps to recoup the rights to their own work.
And when young people do go online to share their thoughts, they're overwhelmingly turning to Tumblr as their platform of