journey for justice

Whether it is seeking to deport people whose massive contributions help make the United States rich, or keeping people of color from getting to the polls, structural racism is the common theme that runs through our work.
The Hebrew word for responsibility is achre-ut. The root of that word is acher. Acher means other. To be responsible is to make the concerns of the other are own. It is to begin to see our own tears shining in the eyes of the other.
This week, I carried a Torah, not an unusual experience for a Rabbi -- except this Torah had traveled 1,000 miles from Selma, Alabama, to Washington, DC. It was carried along the way by nearly 200 Reform Rabbis and hundreds of others who walked in partnership on the NAACP's America's Journey for Justice.
Protesters will embark on an 860-mile march from Selma to Washington D.C.