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He'll guest star on the show to support a very important cause.
Each of Hawaii's untested rape kits represents a sexual assault survivor who has already waited far too long for justice
Seventeen states have introduced measures addressing backlogs. What about the others? Has your state or city take any action? Does your police department even know how many untested kits exist?
Nearly 20 percent of college women experience sexual assault, but defenses like "she seems fine to me" and "she's too smart
Watch Hargitay speak in the video above and just try not to love her with all of your heart, especially when she has to regain
Organizations are joining forces to create a nationwide (nationwide!) PSA campaign to address domestic violence and sexual assault. This is no blip on the map -- it's the real deal. It's actually happening.
Every other week, I sit in meetings with our team in Detroit, and hear about the incredible investigative leads we are gathering from rape kit testing, and the enthusiasm of the police and prosecutors to pursue those leads. The only thing stopping them is the money they need to do their jobs.
Despite the progress we as a nation have made in the movement to end sexual violence, including the recent passage of a more inclusive Violence Against Women Act, much work remains to be done.
We all have a role to play in supporting survivors and preventing abuse. Now through October 2nd, I am asking people everywhere to commit to support a parent or caregiver by offering a helping hand, preparing a meal together or simply asking how they're doing.