J.S. Bach

When Peter Getzels and I were asked to make a documentary in the Czech Republic about a 90 year-old harpsichordist, I envisioned
European Tour. Nordic Brass Ensemble. 2L Hybrid SACD + Blu-Ray Audio Valentini might not have appreciated the name, he would
Christina Pluhar's haunting retelling of the Orpheus myth draws on a narrative of evocative, sensual Baroque music and folksongs
This thoroughly goofy and deeply adorable enterprise is the brain child of an early music group called Ars Antiqua Austria
Taken as a whole, The Ambassador reclaims Los Angeles from Tinseltown stereotypes and celebrates the city's authentic culture while still paying homage to its Hollywood myths.
(c) David Newton-Dunn (2014) The link that enabled the two men to come together--marking Gardiner's Princeton debut--is the
The fugue was arranged by Ward Swingle, one of the premier arrangers in vocal jazz. "Students had to be independent and confident
I was recently in Chicago for a weekend, passing through from engagement to engagement. I love Chicago for its arts and culture, architecture and the compact and walkable downtown arts area.
I discovered trance by accident. I was at a bar with some friends, and "Intense" came on. The violin caught my attention, and it suddenly hit me: This is the structure of a baroque concerto. Bach's music and van Buuren's trance compositions are essentially the same thing.
Last week, a much-awaited musician came to Carnegie Hall to play -- Japanese-born British pianist Mitsuko Uchida. While she is no blazing personality, her fans are numerous and she has a very devout following.