Juan Martinez

For the first time, prosecutor Juan Martinez is revealing behind-the-scenes details from the Jodi Arias murder trial. In
Meals are provided to the inmates three times a day, Monday through Friday, and twice on the weekend. All meals are eaten
Despite her reservations during the penalty phase, Arias has actively courted the spotlight since she was arrested in 2008
Collins said her conversations with Arias involved what Arias would do to prosecutor Juan Martinez if she was sentenced to
No longer can we keep hidden emerald lakes for the elite and the initiated, all the world should be getting outside, should
No one knows what's in store next season except that one thing is certain: When justice is televised live, it isn't justice anymore. It's entertainment. And that's not very funny.
Dugan’s grisly execution prompted the state to replace the gallows with the gas chamber. Three woman now reside on Arizona's
During cross-examination by defense attorney Jennifer Willmott, DeMarte stood her ground. She did not flinch when the attorney
Martinez has been questioning LaViolette since Thursday, when the defense ended their direct examination of her. While testifying
Some of the questions seemed to serve no other purpose but to mock Arias and illustrate the jurors' annoyance with her claims.