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Sunday night's Superbowl may have been the focus for a majority of Americans, but a rival event took place at Caroline's Comedy Club, with Jane Fonda as M. C., introduced by Gloria Steinem.
Since the critically-acclaimed series "30 Rock" wrapped up last January, things haven't been looking too great for one of
The Lake Champlain Monster, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra: They are elusive creatures of folklore and celebrities of the cryptozoology world - and they are about to meet the World Champion.
Watch the full interview with Judah Friedlander at HuffPost Live HERE. "I'm with all the McDonald's employees, man, and all
Attell: I guess you're right. Once you take to a porn it's your porn. Attell: We licensed everything, we swap out music and
Tomorrow I'll be chatting with one Frank Rossitano, aka Judah Friedlander, but in this interview, I want all the questions to come from you guys.
Judah Friedlander has a very important announcement: He's running for president. The self-proclaimed "World Champion" will
"Epic" hits theaters in May, but you don't have to wait until 2013 to get a peek at the new film from the team who brought
There's more to Judah Friedlander than meets the eye. The comedian and actor who rarely appears without his trucker hats