A Jewish leader in the town of Drohobych is outraged by the Russian president's invasion of his country — and his unfounded justification for it.
“I’m trying to go to the store, to Target, and I’m coming back home, and I’m being berated by Nazis,” David Newstat said. “My grandfather was a survivor."
Flyers in plastic sandwich bags with small pebbles were distributed to hundreds of homes in cities with large Jewish populations.
Ruth Salton, a nearly 100-year-old Holocaust survivor, showed up to support her community.
Evidence suggests a prominent Jewish notary may have disclosed the secret hiding place of the Frank family to German occupiers to save his own family from Nazi concentration camps.
Among his ramblings was the claim that Jewish Americans "don't care about Israel" and Jewish people used to have "absolute power over Congress."
Liz Claman tweeted details about Josef Mengele's evil history, saying "facts need to be stated."
Prominent Jewish groups spoke out after Logan compared Fauci to a Nazi doctor who experimented on death camp prisoners.
A post on the party’s official Facebook page featured a picture of a yellow Star of David with the word “unvaccinated” on it
Elisheva Cohen was praying for her father, Dr. Brad Cohen, one of about 120 people missing under the rubble at the collapsed condo in Surfside.