Cooper co-wrote, produced and directed the "Maestro" biopic with the blessing of Bernstein's family — but is now being criticized for using a facial prosthesis.
The Hall of Fame catcher made the comment at an event to honor former Cincinnati Reds general manager Gabe Paul, who was Jewish.
"By age 39, I was a mother of 10. And I had learned what kind of father my husband was."
“I think I know who did it, but I ain't got no proof,” Stan Sells said. “It's a neighbor I haven't gotten along with for several years.”
"I’m proud that I stayed true to myself ... but I definitely don’t want to go through that in the future."
Rep. Anna Paulina Luna's paternal grandfather appears to have served as a Nazi soldier, per a Washington Post report.
The freshman Republican lawmaker, who famously claimed to be "Jew-ish," denounced antisemitism on the House floor.
"Amazon should not be using its business model to market hateful symbols and neo-Nazi paraphernalia,” said a representative of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
The former president addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition.
The controversial rapper posted the tweet after weeks of silence on the platform and a firestorm over his disturbing comments about Jewish people.