The state judge, who is under investigation by an Oklahoma judicial ethics panel, was sworn in to a four-year term in January.
Tiffany Cartwright, now one of the youngest federal judges in the country, is part of Biden’s push to infuse the courts with professional diversity.
The "Jerry Maguire" actor settled accusations that he raped a woman in a New York City hotel just as a trial was to begin.
The trial was set for April 25, but attorney Joseph Tacopina contends that the former president's right to a fair trial depends on a “cooling off” period.
Robert Telles remains jailed without bail on a murder charge in the September 2022 stabbing death of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German.
A Florida Judge has sanctioned former President Donald Trump and one of his attorneys, ordering them to pay nearly $1 million for filing a bogus lawsuit against Trump’s 2016 rival Hillary Clinton.
A Superior Court judge found no evidence that the first trial in 2004 was tainted by a rogue juror who lied about her own history of abuse to get on the panel.
Judge Celene Gogerty found there was no process for reversing a permanent injunction that blocked the abortion law in 2019.
The state attorney general’s office claims a ruling earlier this week to strike down the ban relied on a “wholly unsupported theory that has no basis in law, precedent, or common sense.”
Darrell Brooks, 40, stripped off his shirt, sat with his back to the camera and stuck a sign he’d been given to signal objections down his pants before court proceedings began.