Judge Khanakorn Pianchana, who shot himself in the chest on Friday, had accused his superiors of interfering with his verdicts.
The ruling upheld a Virginia law requiring women to undergo an ultrasound and wait at least 24 hours before having an abortion.
A New York commission dropped its formal proceedings against Kyle R. Canning after he agreed never to seek or accept judicial office in the future.
The school was apparently unaware of the former judge’s involvement in the controversial sexual assault case.
Like his administration, Trump's group of confirmed judicial nominees is severely lacking in diversity.
The state Supreme Court accepted the resignation of Judge James Troiano and mandated new training for all New Jersey judges.
New Jersey judge John Russo Jr. is facing suspension for mistreating a woman who was seeking a restraining order from her attacker.
Putnam County Court Judge James Reitz had just wrapped up a case. Then he suddenly collapsed.
Only one Republican voted against making Howard Nielson a lifetime federal judge.
The Utah senator was the one Republican who bucked his party by voting against a Trump judicial pick.
Over the course of a few hours on Monday, Stone posted, deleted, edited, reposted and re-deleted a photo of the judge and an online rant.
Senate Republicans just strengthened their majority. Mitch McConnell is laser-focused on the courts. What could go wrong?
A federal judge in New York appeared to call out the Trump administration when ruling on the prolonged detention of an asylum-seeker.
Judge Rosemarie Aquilina came under fire earlier this year when she told the former USA Gymnastics doctor that she had signed his “death warrant."
"He made a comment, ‘This is obviously what the voters wanted,’" a public defender recalled.
They're subverting the courts and turning judges against immigrants like me.
The Florida club breached contracts by dodging reimbursements, a judge ruled.
“This was my first time in Palm Beach since my wedding, and being there brought up long-buried emotions. I am committed to a transformative and hopeful 2018.”
Matthew Petersen is the president's third court pick to crash and burn over not being qualified to be a federal judge.