Judge Gonzalo Curiel

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel will hear a case on Friday that could determine whether Trump can waive environmental laws for his wall.
Instead, they were lured into maximizing their credit cards in what was characterized as a classic Bait and Switch scheme
It's terrifying what President-elect Trump will be able to do when he controls all three branches of government (as soon
It is difficult for voters to keep track of the many legal and personal scandals surrounding Donald Trump, but it is easier to remember the many people whom he has insulted. Both pose liabilities for Trump's campaign for president, but perhaps ironically, it is the insults that are likely to do more damage than the scandals.
The fraud allegations and Trump's racist attacks on the judge have been significant blemishes on Trump's campaign.
Trump, like all of us, can change and actually become more effective a leader. But transformation doesn’t magically happen without awareness.