Judge Judy

10 ways to give yourself a new look -- and something in common with Judge Judy.
The daytime TV icon said her CBS series continues to be "an anchor."
"CBS had no choice but to pay me what I wanted because otherwise I could take it wherever I wanted to take it."
March 16, 2017 Dear Mr. P, I love listening to BBC World News on the radio. Soothing voices deliver news reports in deadpan
Already in its 3rd successful season on Fox affiliate KTXL in Sacramento, "Sheriffs El Dorado County" (aka "Sheriffs EDC
Oliver Stone has never met an American fiasco he didn't like, lament, and, with any luck, lambaste in one of his films.
The former governor of Alaska does not have a law degree.
"For two centuries, cases have been argued in October, but not decided until June. Judge Judy decides two cases every half hour. She could clear the whole docket in a month. Businessmen love efficiency."