Here's how millions of Americans could lose their healthcare.
With a newly strengthened Senate majority, Mitch McConnell can plow ahead with reshaping the nation's courts.
Republican-nominated judges give harsher sentences to black defendants, says a new study. Trump's court picks already have worrisome records.
The attorney general ordered judges to stop administratively closing cases, whether they think it's best or not.
At Judge Gorsuch's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Senator Blumenthal Asks Him to Take Responsibility And Condemn President Trump's Attacks on Judges
At Judge Gorsuch's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Senator Blumenthal Asks Him to Take Responsibility And Condemn President Trump's Attacks on Judges
To which I responded, "Well, okay, but you're voting on everything else, right?" The inflection in his voice told me that
Despite this, Seminole Country Judge Jerri Collins of Florida reprimanded the victim last summer on July 30th for failing
A. Pretzeling Untangling pretzels, ending up with the fewest pieces possible   B. Beefing An arduous quest to uncover actual
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Republicans For Ignoring Judicial Crisis
Time after time, the courts have made clear that a judge's impartiality cannot be called into question because of his race, ethnicity, or religion. But Trump is not the only one placing the judiciary in harm's way.
In an ideal world, judges do not subscribe to Cesare Lombroso's racialised typology of a criminal. Instead, they must apply their minds to each case without fear, favor or prejudice.
Judges who draw their power from Article III have a duty to exercise independent judgment in interpreting the meaning of the Constitution and the meaning of subordinate enactments.
The inauguration of the ICC's Permanent Premises gives us all, court officials, states and the international community as a whole, the opportunity to make a pause in our journey to celebrate what has been already achieved through our collective efforts to enhance accountability.
I typically agree with much of what David Brooks has to say. However, I'm afraid that he was way off the mark with his article "How Covenants Make Us." Demographic diversity in the United States is a good thing. The problem has to do with the lack of integration and assimilation of demographically diverse communities.
Civil rights lawyers want the DOJ to give judges who break the law a taste of their own medicine.
The Constitution gives the Senate the power to advise and consent. That body is empowered to say no as well as yes. And the most important qualification for office is philosophical. Put simply: Does the nominee believe the Constitution means anything apart from the jurists' personal preferences? If not, then the Senate should reject the nomination.
For any one of these aspects of the life of Louis Brandeis -- lawyer, scholar, justice -- we would remember him today as a figure of insight, brilliance, creativity, and moral courage. The combination renders him an extraordinary figure in the practice of law, legal scholarship, judicial craftsmanship and jurisprudence, and civic activism on both a national and international scale.
We are at a crisis in our country whenever a trained adult with authorization to use deadly force deploys it on a 12 year old with impunity. Wherever the fault lies, the only way any hope in the police force or the governing process can be restored is for wholesale condemnation of the officer's actions.