judicial bias

President Obama recently highlighted the need for criminal justice reform which complements the bipartisan effort to reform our criminal justice system. However, reforming only the criminal justice system falls short of what is needed.
Mark Byron joins HuffPost Live to explain how a Facebook rant threatened his joint-custody.
Dan Brewington joins HuffPost Live to talk about his experience blogging about his divorce, and how it landed him in jail.
I finally saw Divorce Corp. Finally. After much banter on Facebook, a barrage of emails, a New York Times article, and the Huffington Post's own Paul Raeburn's review of the film, I finally saw what all the fuss is about.
Judges running for office and accepting contributions can all say I will not be influenced by such contributions, but does the public believe that?
To my knowledge, no other Supreme Court spouse has ever placed a sitting Justice in this awkward position.
Reasonable people can debate the merits of Judge Walker's opinion, but his sexuality is not a valid ground to critique his legal logic.