judicial misconduct

The Democratic 2020 presidential candidate is targeting misconduct in the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court.
Conrad Hafen has "complete disregard for the law," a group of 150 lawyers alleges in a complaint.
This summer, Judge Gorcyca in Oakland County, Michigan shocked the world when she bullied the Tsimhoni children (then ages 9, 10, and 13), compared them to the disciples of Charles Manson, and sent them to juvenile detention for refusing to see their father who they claim is abusive.
President Obama recently highlighted the need for criminal justice reform which complements the bipartisan effort to reform our criminal justice system. However, reforming only the criminal justice system falls short of what is needed.
What happened to Zach Anderson shouldn't happen to anyone. The 19-year-old used a dating app to met a young woman. They had sex. She said she was 17, but actually was 14. Zach was arrested and is now a registered sex offender for the next 25 years. The person responsible for this ruling is Judge Dennis Wiley.
Born in bloodshed, Bangladesh seeks a justice long overdue. Regrettably, the very judicial body responsible for delivering that justice instead threatens to further deny it.
To my knowledge, no other Supreme Court spouse has ever placed a sitting Justice in this awkward position.