judicial nominations

"I don't think the votes are there," GOP Sen. John Kennedy said of appeals court nominee Halil Suleyman Ozerden.
He is going around Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin to put Michael Brennan into a lifetime court seat in her state.
Brett Talley is the president's fourth judicial nominee given the lowest marks by the ABA. Embarrassing!
The GOP leader is making it known he doesn't like a Senate rule that lets the minority party stop judicial nominees.
With 100+ judicial vacancies and a Senate eager to fill them, conservatives are salivating.
On the lower courts as well, Republicans have been negligent in failing to fill court vacancies. As we've shown, while Democrats
Republican senators are damaging an entire branch of government, and hiding behind a bogus statistic.
Abid Qureshi would fill a seat on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.
The Massachusetts Democrat mocked Republicans for leaving courts empty for Donald Trump to fill.
Time after time, the courts have made clear that a judge's impartiality cannot be called into question because of his race, ethnicity, or religion. But Trump is not the only one placing the judiciary in harm's way.
In January 2009, there were only eight Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in lifetime, federal judgeships throughout the country--out of 870 potential positions. There had not been an AAPI judge on a U.S. Court of Appeals--the level just below the Supreme Court--in almost five years.
There is a famous saying attributed to Judge Jerome Frank that "Justice is what the judge ate for breakfast." Basically, this
Senate Republicans are not only politicizing and undermining the Supreme Court, with their refusal to even consider Chief Judge Garland's nomination, but they are doing the same thing to lower courts as well.
While public attention has been (deservedly) focused on the empty seat now waiting on the U.S. Supreme Court for the last