judicial nominees

Kathryn Kimball Mizelle has been practicing law only since 2012 and has never tried a case. The Senate made her a lifetime federal judge anyway.
The Democratic senator had said she’d back the GOP nominees in a bipartisan deal. They turned out to be too awful, and she voted against both.
The president wants to exercise a never-used constitutional power to shut down Congress, but it requires the Senate to agree to adjourn.
Justin Walker lacks the experience to be a lifetime federal judge, the American Bar Association says. But Republicans are ready to confirm him anyway.
Democrats say they really only have one option for stopping more unqualified nominees: winning back the Senate in 2020.
Amid arrests, protesters send a message that they're paying attention ahead of a hearing on controversial appeals court nominee Steven Menashi.
Steven Menashi, a White House aide with a record of denouncing feminism and diversity, is on track to become a lifetime federal judge.
Democratic judicial nominees should be progressive on economic rights as well as civil liberties, argues Demand Justice.
Like his administration, Trump's group of confirmed judicial nominees is severely lacking in diversity.