judicial nominees

Democrats say they really only have one option for stopping more unqualified nominees: winning back the Senate in 2020.
Amid arrests, protesters send a message that they're paying attention ahead of a hearing on controversial appeals court nominee Steven Menashi.
Steven Menashi, a White House aide with a record of denouncing feminism and diversity, is on track to become a lifetime federal judge.
Democratic judicial nominees should be progressive on economic rights as well as civil liberties, argues Demand Justice.
Like his administration, Trump's group of confirmed judicial nominees is severely lacking in diversity.
For the third time in history, the Senate advanced a judicial nominee over the objections of both home-state senators.
Mitch McConnell used the "nuclear option" to reduce debate time on most lifetime court picks from 30 hours to two.
But it's not over. Mitch McConnell is ready to use the contentious "nuclear option" to get this done.
For all the lifetime circuit judges he’s confirming ― and it’s a lot ― he isn’t replacing that many Democratic appointees.
Lee said during his Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday he regrets his past writings on AIDS and sexual assault.
Neomi Rao, up for a lifetime federal court seat, also has a record of weakening protections for sexual assault survivors.
His picks for lifetime federal court seats have records of attacking LGBTQ rights, abortion rights and voting rights.
With a newly strengthened Senate majority, Mitch McConnell can plow ahead with reshaping the nation's courts.
Progressives are finally awake to the Supreme Court's partisan nature.
"Republicans are undermining all customs of the Senate,” one expert said.
The South Carolina senator refused to support appeals court nominee Ryan Bounds, who has a record of racist writings.
Is the Trump critic finally going to put his money where his mouth is?
Mary Rowland is a lesbian nominee to a U.S. district court. It's quite a contrast to all the anti-LGBTQ judges he's pushing.
President Donald Trump nominated Wendy Vitter to be a federal judge in the Eastern District of Louisiana.