judicial vacancies

The Senate majority leader boasted about stacking the courts with conservative judges under Trump.
He should be thanking Mitch McConnell. He thinks Obama just mysteriously left him 100+ court vacancies. 🤦
After years of blocking Barack Obama's court picks, Republicans now have "an excellent chance of clearing the deck of all the vacancies," says the GOP leader.
John Roberts' year-end report praises "the skill, hard work, and dedication" of lower-court judges.
Republican senators are damaging an entire branch of government, and hiding behind a bogus statistic.
The Massachusetts Democrat mocked Republicans for leaving courts empty for Donald Trump to fill.
They're blocking their own nominees and skipping votes for others. Because Obama.
The Des Moines Register issued the scathing editorial as the senator seeks re-election.
GOP senators are barely confirming judicial nominees -- even their own.