judicial watch

Conservative group Judicial Watch criticized Obama for spending $106 million for travel over his two full terms. Trump's golf tab surpassed that in just 30 months.
With the prospect of ever taking back the White House dimming with every election, and with the possible loss of control in the Senate staring them in the face, this is all they have left to promise to their rabidly anti-Clinton base: continued gridlock, and endless investigations.
The move "may be necessary" to determine whether the email was set up to circumvent freedom of information laws.
Associated Press writer Richard Lardner contributed to this story Bekesha said that the government didn't provide the justification
Full Segment: A federal appeals court may release images picturing Osama Bin Laden's dead body however the U.S. government believes it would present national security issues.
Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group that believes keeping the photos secret undermines the Obama administration's
“I think there are far too many questions here about the process and the accuracy of that list to continue forward with the