After years of controversy, FIBA has lifted its ban on religious headwear.
As kids who grow up in countries like Egypt and Iran are indoctrinated to hate Israel, it explains why many Israelis are raised to regard delegitimization as a fact of life. It's a vicious cycle of conflict so deeply entrenched that it's often hard to see reality through an unfiltered lens.
Newsweek: "Saudi Judo Competitor Forfeits Match to 'Avoid Israeli' in Next Round" Beware of cynicism when our very souls
The $11,000 fine Olympic gold swimmer Jimmy Feigen agreed to pay is going to a Brazilian NGO that promotes social inclusion through sport.
Olympics officials reprimanded Islam El Shehaby and called his behavior "contrary to the rules of fair play."
The London Games were the first to achieve women Olympians for each delegation, and the Rio Games are building on that. I am particularly proud that for the first time in Olympic history, more than 45 percent of the athletes competing in the Games of the 31st will be women.
I know I will never be these versions of me again -- the soldier, the athlete, the new mom. But there is still some room in the back of the closet saved for my magic pants eventual retirement.
Instead of faking it 'til you make it, consider the advice of the late musician Jeff Buckley who said, "Be awake enough to see where you are at any given time and how that is beautiful and has poetry inside even in places you hate."
The recent concentration of misleading media hooey about health has been excruciating, but the problem is perennial. I trust I needn't make the case that you are under constant assault by distorted, contorted, titillating, and insipid headlines.
In fact, the Russian president is a black belt in judo, having practiced the martial art since the age of 11 and later earning
Jack Black once sang that with karate he'll kick your ass. Turns out, he'll do the same with judo -- even when challenged
Her judo fight may just have lasted little over a minute, but the effect that Shaherkani's participation can and must have upon future generations in the Arab world is worth thousands of hours of inspired training.
The reason Unbroken sits atop various best seller lists is, like all well-told stories, it pits a compelling and tenacious hero against an unrelenting and sadistic villain.
Watch: Though no longer president of Russia, Vladimir Putin still knows how to throw his weight around. He offered to join
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has released a DVD in which he is featured as a judo expert. The instructional DVD's