Taekwondo fighter Kimia Alizadeh defected from Iran, accusing its ruling regime of "injustice" by exploiting Iranian women as political tools.
After years of controversy, FIBA has lifted its ban on religious headwear.
As kids who grow up in countries like Egypt and Iran are indoctrinated to hate Israel, it explains why many Israelis are raised to regard delegitimization as a fact of life. It's a vicious cycle of conflict so deeply entrenched that it's often hard to see reality through an unfiltered lens.
Newsweek: "Saudi Judo Competitor Forfeits Match to 'Avoid Israeli' in Next Round" And unlike the Olympics, where politics
The $11,000 fine Olympic gold swimmer Jimmy Feigen agreed to pay is going to a Brazilian NGO that promotes social inclusion through sport.
Olympics officials reprimanded Islam El Shehaby and called his behavior "contrary to the rules of fair play."
The London Games were the first to achieve women Olympians for each delegation, and the Rio Games are building on that. I am particularly proud that for the first time in Olympic history, more than 45 percent of the athletes competing in the Games of the 31st will be women.