Judy Blume

Blume doubled back on defending the controversial author after saying she was “100% behind” Rowling in a new interview.
"Protecting your children means educating them and arming them with knowledge," said Blume.
The Sundance Film Festival highlights the lives of two female literary icons whose work still resonates decades later.
Acclaimed children's author, Judy Blume, has never shied away from tackling subjects that challenge young adults.
The beloved children's classic about first periods, puppy love and a preteen's search for God is coming to the big screen, Deadline reported.
The author's books were the spark of a movement in my evolution as an artist that took me away from shame and toward confession.
A fun find this Halloween week is Chez Upshaw, the new film which finds co-leads Kevin Pollak and Illeana Douglas in fine and frolicsome form.