Judy Blume

Acclaimed children's author, Judy Blume, has never shied away from tackling subjects that challenge young adults.
The beloved children's classic about first periods, puppy love and a preteen's search for God is coming to the big screen, Deadline reported.
The author's books were the spark of a movement in my evolution as an artist that took me away from shame and toward confession.
I have always loved to read. Every night of my childhood for as long as I can remember, I fell asleep reading a book. I loved
The "BFG" is the Big Friendly Giant, spotted one night by a young orphan, Sophie, as he creeps around her village, mysteriously
A fun find this Halloween week is Chez Upshaw, the new film which finds co-leads Kevin Pollak and Illeana Douglas in fine and frolicsome form.
Aside from a couple of memoirs, Beverly Cleary had a prolific half-century career as a writer publishing only children’s
Thanks to Judy Blume for her words of wisdom (and wit) about writing that she shared with me.
Books we read are a telling of who we are. This summer, several noted authors have released new books sure to redefine and influence our thoughts, world views and opinions.