Judy Chu

"To say one person can represent all the communities of color is ignorant and insulting," one prominent Asian American civil rights advocate said.
Caucus chair Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) told HuffPost that Trump's comments are "racist and utterly beneath the office of the president."
The Women’s Health Protection Act would reaffirm every woman's right to an abortion, no matter where she lives.
“It is irresponsible to categorize an entire country of people en masse as spies,” said Rep. Judy Chu.
The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote on the Supreme Court nominee Friday.
For some reason, the Supreme Court nominee was unable to say whether the case that upheld the discriminatory immigration law was incorrect.
Advocates want protections for young undocumented immigrants added to a funding bill that must pass by Friday.
"We are making it known that this is a rainbow movement," Rep. Karen Bass said.
Asian-Americans are three times less likely than whites to seek mental health services.
Democratic offices are being told that the sit-in constitutes grass-roots organizing and can't be used in official business.