Judy Gold

Janet McTeer in The Taming of the Shrew Photo: Joan Marcus Jumbo, too, is a bonny Kate to be reckoned with. This is the actress
This fabulous must-attend event features an all-star line-up of lesbian comics and activists.
"We laugh a lot. Do we eat dinner at the exact same time every night? No."
Her debut guest is comedian and writer Frank Conniff and, along with co-host/board op Lauren Hennessey, the trio makes their way hilariously through the kind of technical glitches and awkwardness almost every podcast is prone to in the early going.
Reviewers are not expected to be kind but to be fair. Every once in a while, though, a reviewer feels the need to be kind. Clinton The Musical (note no colon) has generated that feeling in me.
Lee Woodruff, an exceptional M.C. for this event every year, sported some trendy tattoo jewelry created by the wife of the doctor who made the plate for her husband Bob's skull. Expect to see the awesome gold and silver body art sold at next year's event.
What is starkly noticeable in the wake of Rivers' death is how much has changed for funny ladies since Rivers first walked onto the Tonight Show stage in 1965.
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For more information on "Joy Behar: Say Anything," visit the show's official website here. In the clip above, the panelists
"Being funny is more fun than having a boyfriend sometimes...especially if you're a lesbian." She added: Women - do you feel
Check out the clip above to see the elder Silverman gush about his famous daughter. Donald Silverman, the notoriously adorable
Lewis Black spoke with fellow comedian Judy Gold at 92Y on January 7, 2013. Responding to a question about gun control, Black
Judy Gold is aptly named. She has mined her childhood angst for comedic gold, seen through the prism of classic 1970s sitcoms in The Judy Show. A laugh-out-loud riot, it packages Gold's kooky, crazy memoir into a clever 80-minute production.
This post also appears on Gossip Central. Meantime downtown at the Soho Playhouse production of Charles Busch's comedy, The