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Judy Miler Criticizes The Media Over Iraq
In a turn of events that could signal the departure of all irony from the world, Fox News brought on contributor Judith Miller
If there has to be a library on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, let it be named after the man who actually ran the country, and not the man who simply nodded his head in affirmation. Let's call it the "Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney Presidential Library."
The timing was a thing of pure political beauty. President George W. Bush was only a few days away from speaking to the United Nations' General Assembly about Iraq's renewed efforts to acquire banned weaponry.
"Now to bring the whole thing full circle, she’s on f*cking television as the expert on why other people doing it is not
In today's parlance, Iraq looks like a war that was brought to us by the 1 percent, for the 1 percent, and attempting to further some ill-defined geopolitical goal of the 1 percent.
Bill Keller, the top editor at the New York Times since July 2003, has penned a lengthy piece for this Sunday's Times Magazine, which was launched online early this week, as if the world could not wait another day for it.
Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller has found herself a surprising new job: as the theater critic for Tablet magazine
This is not so much because we consciously decide to become cheerleaders, urging on bubbles that take shape on our watch
In an email to Yahoo's Cutline blog, Miller defended herself and insisted she was in a different journalistic category than
Of course, Miller is most famous (or infamous) for writing stories about Iraq's non-existent weapons program that proved
Some of his antagonists in the newsroom wonder what, in the end, his privileged access is in the service of. "It's the Jon
"Well, that's the last time I try to be a good sport", Keller said. "Among the people who would miss us most would be the
In terms of how the press has treated the last two new presidents, there's the Democratic model (i.e. overly hostile), and the Republican model (overly docile).
via E&P NEW YORK The long-awaited Rod Lurie, "Nothing But the Truth" -- loosely based on the Valerie Plame/CIA leak case
In today's Howard Kurtz column, which teases Fox News' acquisition of Miss Run Amok (aka Judith Miller), Fox's Senior VP
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More as a lark than anything else, I agreed to take the survey; I assumed that it would probe the effects of the most recent
Read more on AFP HONG KONG (AFP) -- Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller on Thursday called on the US Congress to
Judy Miller was asked if she has any regrets about her actions while at the Times. Her answer: "I wouldn't do anything differently." Really, Judy? Not the inaccurate reporting? Not the trading of your journalistic principles for access? Not the aluminum tubes? Not Curveball? Not Chalabi? Nothing? Read More Obama's Trip Bounce: The Media's Obsession with Polls Leads to a Bad Case of Premature Pontification Media insiders now talk about polling brands the way average Joes talk about their favorite beer. "My producer is a Quinnipiac person, but I'm more into Gallup." I suppose if they married, they'd have to raise the kids CBS/New York Times. Read More Watch: iYear Interview With Arianna At The Personal Democracy Forum