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He served as the show's anchor for 36 years before retiring in 2011.
During Thursday night's Democratic debate, people thirst-tweeted about the man, Luke Collis, sitting behind moderator Judy Woodruff.
The former vice president, 76, dismissed concerns over his series of campaign trail gaffes and jumbled statements.
"Imagine no longer needing to say this kind of stuff for your job but then saying it anyway," wrote one person on Twitter.
Donald Trump is going to be elected president. The American people voted for him a long time ago.
The television news business is a business (and so are newspapers). The idea here is to sell advertising, first and last. And advertising responds to big audiences. The bigger the audience, the more you can charge. That's all there is to it.
But I was stunned by the debate of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Milwaukee, February 11, 2016. My surprise was not
Let the voters vote! Most of us aren't going to change our political positions or our voting decisions between now and November.
The debate was held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in the Helen Bader Concert Hall at the Helen Zelazo Center
First Lady Michelle Obama acknowledged this crusade in a statement celebrating the Women's Media Center Awards ceremony. "I
For PBS, it all comes down to simply setting a goal and working hard every day to meet that goal. While women may be a minority
PBS NewsHour may have found one answer to the plunge in television viewers and that's PBS Digital Studio's new online show, Everything but the News, the brainchild of Steve Goldbloom and Noah Pink.
"If you want fighting and you want opinion, there are lots of places to go... Our view Stephen is that viewers are smart
While mouthing platitudes about respecting press freedom, the president has overseen methodical actions to undermine it. We should retire understated phrases like "chilling effect." With the announcement from Obama's Justice Department on Monday, the thermometer has dropped below freezing.
Belva Davis, who hosted KQED's This Week in Northern California for almost 20 years, explains why she admires PBS Newshour's anchors Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill; and why journalists need both curiosity and passion to create a successful career.
Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff made history on Tuesday when it was announced that they will be the first female co-anchors