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Without that data, a diet fad is just that -- a fad. To solve our obesity crisis we need solutions that offer health benefits that last a lifetime.
Instead of going on a juice cleanse, eat real whole foods. It's as simple as that. A week-long juice cleanse may make people
Juices cleanses are a trendy weight-loss method. Proponents of juice cleanses claim you will lose weight and remove toxins from your body. Is it really healthy to only have liquids for as long as a week?
Donuts are better anyway and you know it. If you've never tried a juice cleanse, it can make you a little ornery. Suddenly
(2 servings) 2 small organic beets, cooked and peeled 2 c crushed ice 1 c pineapple, chopped ½ c mango, chopped 4 mint leaves
People are making their post school drop off, post exercise, late afternoon energy stop at the local juice bar instead of the usual coffee spot. Going 'green' doesn't just mean being eco-friendly anymore, it's all about the juice.
The body detoxifies itself naturally, primarily through the action of the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal (GI) tract
You know how a caveman would feel about a plate of spaghetti? Ecstatic. Stop Paleo. Don’t get us wrong: kale is a lovely
Juice cleanses may be buzzy in the health sphere, but if you're doing them for the sake of "detoxing," they're actually pretty
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So, like any wise person about to embark on a 72-hour juice-only diet, I made sure it was no one's birthday, there were no happy hours planned by coworkers and practically made my friends sign a legal and binding contract to not do anything fun during that period.
Deborah Copeland joins HuffPost Live to explain how an obsession with being healthy hurt her social life.
Whether we are stocking up on "superfoods," swearing by juice cleanses or completely cutting out entire food groups, people go to extremes in the name of health. But could the obsession with being healthy actually be considered an eating disorder?
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Adding raw juice to your diet is a good way to consume more essential vitamins and acclimate yourself to a healthier diet.
Just how much sugar? We decided to see. We picked some of the trendiest juice companies around, looked for their most nutritious
We played Fad Diet Roulette: Over the course of five days, we strictly followed one diet daily.
Most people this time of year are thinking about buckling down on their diets. What I have found works best is to take it in small steps. Start with changing your eating for just a few days -- with a 3-day juice cleanse -- and it is remarkable what positive transformation will follow.
If you're meeting up with friends, bring your green juice "dinner." Not only will it give you a chance to talk about your juice-cleanse (see above), it will remind others that they are not as good as you. Lead by example!